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Working from home in Corona Virus Time

The Corona Virus made a lot of people to work from home.

  • An appropriate place to work
    Yes, the kitchen table is a last resource. Your wife may want to cook the dinner….
    The work place is very, very important. Avoid also the home sofa. It may look comfy, but your productivity will go down…
  • Keep your normal working hours
    It is very hard to keep the discipline. If you keep your normal working hours, you will feel that you did finish your work as usual.
    Keep also your pause times for lunch and relax.
  • Keep the work routine
    Try to do the same routine you would normally do. For example, avoid working in pijamas, avoid taking the breakfast later, etc.
  • Members of family & pets
    It is important to explain to the family members that you are working. You are at home, but you are working and have a time and objectives to accomplish.
    The pets will try to get your attention. Try to let them with your kids, or your productivity will go down…
  • Don’t turn on the TV
    This is essential. The TV is a lot worse than the radio. You can work with radio because it is just sound. But the TV is totally different. You will be tempted to look at it from time to time. And this is a big distraction.
  • Avoid reading the email every 5 minutes.
    You can establish time slots. For instance. blocks of 45 or 60 minutes.
    I personally use blocks of 50 minutes and every 2 blocks I check the email.
  • Don’t procrastinate
    If you notice, the last tips has an objective of keeping you from procrastinate. It is very easy to lose motivation when you are at home and don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder. 🙂

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