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Logitech Stream Cam

If you want to be a YouTube, you need to be careful with the camera you choose.

It is very important that the camera can be attached to a tripod. In general the cameras come with a clip to attach to the monitor of your computer.

The Logitech Stream Cam apart from its excellent image, it also allows you to attach it to your tripod.

You can see more information about this camera at Logitech website: https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/streamcam

You can rotate the camera 180º

“Achieve the perfect angle for any stream or video with flexible mounting options. The monitor mount features the ability to tilt and pan, or you can even mount it on a tripod. Built-in electronic image stabilization reduces camera shake from accidental bumps or  movement”. Source: Logitech Website.

Logitech StreamCam attached to a tripod

“The standard for fast and reliable connections, StreamCam uses USB Type-C to ensure efficient video transfer speeds. Compatible with Windows 10 and macOS® 10.14 and above.” source: Logitech Website.

This is a very important information. If you have an old Macbook, you will need an adaptor to convert from USB-C to the old USB. If you bought your Macbook from 2019 forward, you have a USB-C for sure.

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