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Facebook advertising campaigns

This is one of the best ways to get potential customers to visit your online store. The problem is that this is a complex tool with several ways to optimize your campaign.

CPC – Cost Per Click

Your main objective is to get the maximum clicks for a certain amount of money. In short, a small CPC is better for the advertiser. A bigger CPC is better for the “publisher”.


  • check your CTR (click-through-rate) if it is below 1%, then you should review your ads creatives and also your targeting audience. Something looks wrong…
  • the users can also give a negative feedback for your ads. And bad reviews also damage the performance of your ads.
  • another indicator is the “relevance score” of your Facebook ads under the ‘Performance and Clicks’ standard report. Below 7 is again a bad indicator.
Author: NeONBRAND from
Author: NeONBRAND from

CTRclick-through rate

If you have a low CTR, you should review your Facebook Ads Creatives. Better creatives will help improve your click-through rate.

Again, it is very important to test the ads with different audiences in order to better understand the results.

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