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Apps that pay you to use it

There are some apps that really pay you money to use them. All these apps are free and pay you.

  • Survey on the go
    This app pays you to fill forms with your opinion. Only works in US.
  • Toluna
    Marketing Research app. Survey type app. They pay by PayPal.
  • QuickThoughts – Earn Rewards
    Only available in US. Another app of surveys.
  • Yo Academy
    Only for US people with a work permit.
  • Google Opinion Rewards
    Rate different things and get paid for that. Only available in US and some European Countries.
  • Swagbucks
    Only available in US and some European countries. Several varieties of tasks.
  • Userfeel
    Available worldwide. They pay you to experience and test websites user interface. You get around 10$ per test (they pay with Paypal or Pioneer). Each test takes in general between 10 and 20 minutes. Problem: they ask you to do a initial for free to see how you perform. They will record your voice and screen to analyse and rate your results.
  • Slidejoy
    Only available in US. They pay you to show ads in your login screen. You need to install an App. 5 to 15$ per month. They pay by Paypal. The first time takes 3 months. After that they pay monthly.
  • Field Agent
    Only available in US. They send random tasks for you to complete accordingly to your location. Payment depends of the task. Can go up to 12$ per task. In general around a couple bucks per task.
  • Foap – sell your photos
    Available worldwide. Allow you to take pictures and upload. They will pay as they sell your photos. Pay with Paypal.
  • TapTapMoney – The best money app
    Only available in US. You download apps and games and get paid for that.

None of the apps will make you rich. You will only make a few bucks. It is good for kids or people with a lot of free time.

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