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6 sources of Incoming at age of 18

This video “MY 6 STREAMS OF INCOME: How I Make Money At 18” from the YouTuber jade darmawangsa, is super interesting. She is a very dynamic person who knows how to generate multiple revenue streams since she was very jung.

In this video she will present 6 income streams:

  • Selling in
  • Dropshipping (
  • Freelancing (,, etc)
  • Social Media (Adsense, Youtube, Paid Affiliate links, sponsorships)
  • Consulting
  • Software / Your own brand (apps, SaaS, etc)

The main problem is: trading time x money. See our other posts where we talk about it.

She also discuss her messaging platform PBJ that links brands with users, and how she makes money with it.

The video can be found in YouTube at

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