Price of Apartment and Houses in Berlin

The map below gives an idea of the prices in Berlin. The most expensive areas are in the center (Mitte and Prezlauberg) of Berlin, where you find the big companies like Google, Soundforge, etc.


Update 2019:

Since 2015, with the huge influx of “refugees”, the prices of apartments in Berlin skyrocket. Merkel police were fantastic for property owners but were catastrophic for the middle and lower class citizens.

Apartments of one room and a living room that used to cost around 500 Euro in 2015, now are in the range of 1000 – 1200 Euro. Thanks Merkel.

And the worse part: it is very, very hard to get an apartment in Berlin. In general 20 to 40 persons reply to every flat ad. In the visit day to the apartment, the land lord will choose whoever he thinks will be the best Tennant.

I am a Pakistani, but I came legally to Germany, however, I cannot get an apartment here because a few of my countrymen do a lot of wrongdoings, the landlords think everybody from my country will do the same. The solution has been the WG. It is a group of people who rents the apartment and sublet rooms to other people. It is very cool, but lack the privace of having your own apartment.

Author: Karen Mohammad

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