crypto coins

Today is 17.12.2018. One year ago the BitCoin was almost 20.000$. Now it is around 3.200$. A huge drop.

The same happened with all other crypto coins. The funds that invested heavily in crypto coins are all in red.

What we can expect for next year? Many eCoins will disappear. There will be only a few winners. Probably the bitcoin, XRP and a few more.

If you have the intention to invest in crypto coins, be aware that it is an extremely dangerous path…


A few months later, the prices continue dropping. Looks like people realized that the value of crypto coins is only what people attribute to it. There is no gold support, no nothing.

Some cryptos dropped more than 90% in one year. A huge loss for investors.

A suggestion: always use SL (Stop Loss) if you invest in Crypto. And if the price is dropping and dropping, don’t try to catch the falling knife.

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